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Issue 01

Research is on the rise within the Science Museum Group.  At a time when scholarship seems under threat, we are strengthening our commitment to a deeper understanding of our world class collections, conservation challenges and the most successful ways of engaging the wider public with the history of science and the technological and scientific challenges facing modern society.

Yet up to now that research has been missing a public voice.  We have been quietly leveraging innovation in our own work and, quite absurdly, missing the opportunity for this to be heard and debated with wider research communities. With the launch of this journal we hope to change that. We are proud of our growing body of research and here we will freely share it, but we also invite original work from others working in museums and universities across the world, knowing that new thinking, discussion and debate will nudge us all into greater creativity.

Academic publishing is going through a period of extraordinary change and its future is somewhat uncertain, but the Science Museum Group Journal takes advantage of being born in a digital age, with all the opportunities that this offers. One of the greatest of these, perhaps, is the ability to share our extraordinary library of images, film and multi-media, not just as wallpaper but as an important and often beautiful primary source in its own right. We hope you will find this first issue as exciting and interesting to read as it has been for us to produce.

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Component DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15180/140101/001

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Ian Blatchford

Director, Science Museum Group

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Ian Blatchford is Director of the Science Museum Group.