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The Spring Issue of the Journal is now out! This is an open issue that includes research focusing on the Science Museum Group’s own collections – you’ll find a re-evaluation of an important electronic synthesizer with a focus on its role in live performance; a discussion of how an Indigenous Australian shield came to be categorised as part of a fire-making collection. There are also two papers looking at research with museum publics: one reporting on a study of how we can support young children’s learning from science objects, the other exploring public perceptions of contemporary collecting. A fascinating piece of oral history research (featuring numerous recorded interviews) looks at the experience of government scientists at the point where privatisation radically changed the profession. And finally, we are delighted to feature a paper by Prasannan Parthasarathi, the first Journal keynote speaker at November’s Research Conference who gave an outstanding presentation on textiles history from an Indian perspective. You’ll see a slight change to the style and layout of the Journal as we have migrated to a new content management system. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy, circulate and consider contributing to our fully open access peer-reviewed journal.